Wholesale To Doctors

Dear Doctors,

If you are not currently happy with your existing orthotics lab and are looking for a no nonsense hassle fee lab, then consider Foot Therapy Orthotics.

I make good quality orthotics and specialize in direct milled poly orthotics with an integrated heel. But I can also make any style orthotics you like for the wholesale price of $89 (with very few exceptions). That price includes all accommodations and free shipping back to you. I can also provide a true 3D scanner that I developed at no cost to you (this eliminate the need to ship the cast to me). Other than the cost savings of shipping, you also save the cost of foam boxes or plaster and it also considerably decreases the turnaround time. Typically, after placing an order, you receive the finished orthotics in a week. (Please see video of the scanner in operation).

I am a one-man lab with help from my son from time to time, so my service is much more personal than most other labs. Also, when you need to contact the lab, you will talk to me directly.

If you would like to sample my orthotics, I am glad to fabricate two pair of orthotics for you (at no cost). Your only expense will be shipping the cast. Download my order form (PDF) or print it out and fill it out by hand or open it in adobe and fill it out on the computer.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to doing business with you!


Leonard Rousseau